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About Us

In short, we are a small group of varied business and military professionals who evolved into real estate professionals over time. We love real estate and what it represents to each of us. We own real estate, sell real estate, manage, and fix/rehab real estate. Many nights we end our day with real estate tv. We are experts in the Atlanta Metro market and leverage this to our client’s benefit. We always strive to be good God-fearing humans and have a love for all of mankind.

Why We Are The Best

We are not just real estate professionals, we are smart problem solvers. Our clients come from all walks of life. They have many things in common as good people usually do. They also have the commonality of a “problem property”. They may need to sell a house fast, sell an inherited house, sell a rental property, or avoid foreclosure. Unlike other home buyers, We focus on our client’s situation and their needs. By doing this, we invariably provide a solution that addresses their needs which subsequently solves the property problem. We are straight shooters and BBB accredited and our past clients love us. Get to know us, we think you will love us too! 😊

Sell Your House Easily & Stress-Free!

Going it alone or with an agent is not always the best way to sell your house. No guarantees it will be sold, showings, open houses, house inspections, cleaning, and repairs. Uncomplicate your life and take the easy route.

We Have A Better Solution!

Contact us to sell your Atlanta house and it will be easy and stress free. We will guide step by step through the entire process and do everything!

Our team will provide you a great solution and a fair offer. Our offer is always 100% FREE and you are always free to say, No Thanks! 🙂

Our Values

  • Client Focused – Clients are our “Why”.
  • Integrity – In thought, word, and deed.
  • Aim High – High standards in all we do.
  • Deliver – Deliver as promised. No excuses.
  • Give – Give back to our community – habitually.
  • Live – Live Good. Enjoy Life. Love Up and Sideways. Be a Good Human!

Our Awesome Management


Joseph Seays

Manager and Chief Problem Solver

Joseph is our “Go-To” guy who leads our front end and client side efforts. He spends most of his time working with our clients.

Marge Ford

Manager – Finance & Sales Manager

Ann is our “business office” person and real estate sales guru. She keeps the “engine” running smoothly and works with our clients who need a retail sale of thier home.

Darryl Miller

Field Operations Manager (FOM)

Darryl (Gator) is our FOM and he manages our field operations. He spends most of his time in the field with his team prospecting, managing flips, renos, resets and rentals.

Marcus Se

Client Support Manager

Titus is our Client Advocate and a problem solving Ninja. He deals with client related challenges across the business. He is a customer service pro.


You can get rid of a problem property fast by working with us. You can start putting any emotional pain behind you, avoid paying mortgage payments, avoid losing the property in foreclosure, avoid utility paymentstax payments, insurance payments, repair fees, code violations, you see where this is going? If you decide to list your house and wait for it to sell which may be 60-90+ days to close… all of these payments aka holding costs will be on you.

Whatever the property problem is, we will work on meeting your needs and working the numbers.

When you focus on the need and then crunch the numbers, solutions present themselves..

We can’t always offer you full retail for home as investors but we can offer you more alternatives than just the traditional sales route. But, if the traditional sales route makes the most sense, we are happy to help get it listed and market it aggressively.

Here are some of the reasons, clients choose us…

We can close in as little as 7 days after you accept our offer...

You can rid yourself of a problem property quickly with us You will avoid any additional mortgage payments, insurance payments, tax payments, etc. You will reduce your stress and be able put the problem behind you. If you are thinking “Sell My House Fast” we are a professional house buyer company here to help.

You won’t have to fix anything, clean anything, declutter anything etc..

We aren’t concerned about how clean or dirty your house is. We aren’t really interested in what needs repairing or replacing. In short, we’d like to make an offer on your house. This will save you precious time, stress, and money.

The “I Buy Houses In Atlanta” Team

We are a hybrid real estate business that solves problems for some clients and helps dreams come true for others. We are seasoned, smart, and experts at what we do. We are a legitimate business and that’s how we operate – always professional but always fun and easy to work with. Don’t just take my word for it, look at our reviews. Better yet, contact us and you will see it first hand.


No matter the industry, there are always bad people looking to take advantage of good people and real estate is no different. If you don’t partner with us, we urge you to be selective of who you do partner with. Make sure they are a legitimate business with a good business rating and history. Do your best to try and determine if they are knowledgeable and can deliver on their promises. If you have any reservations, don’t move forward until you are comfortable.


We are here to help you and we will do everything in our power to do just that while being a good neighbor, respectful business partner and good humans.

No matter what property problem you have, we will always be respectful, courteous, and conduct ourselves with integrity. You can rely on us to do whatever we can to help you and solve your property problem.

“We know it is “Old School” and out of style but we still believe in “The Golden Rule”.


We Buy Houses In Marietta, Forest Park, South Fulton, Powder Springs, Decatur, Lithonia, Smyrna, Douglasville, Mableton, Austell, Lithia Springs, Union City, Newnan, Fayetteville, Riverdale, College Park, and East Point.